What will NDYC look like in 10 years time?

I don’t have to tell you what a great sailing club we have.  Being a relatively new member I am so pleased to be part of such a welcoming and inclusive sailing club. To me what stands out is the enthusiasm and friendliness of the members, their willingness to contribute to the club, the active youth squad, the diversity of boats and age ranges, the high race attendance figures, the well maintained safety cover…I could go on and on.

So all in all we are doing pretty good right?

The question is how do we maintain or build on our strong position against a backdrop of changing legislation, falling UK sailing numbers and heightened member expectations? A colleague once told me ‘any decision is better than no decision’ and the same is true for having a plan to evolve this club. Hence the NDYC Committee formed the Development Steering Group.

So what is the Development Steering Group?

Essentially we are looking to evolve the club so as to keep it well positioned for the future.

Practically this means agreeing a Development Strategy which will form the basis of the Development and Business Plan.  This entails:

  • Liaising with and establishing the views of the Membership.
  • Reviewing the Rules of the Club to ensure that they are still fit for purpose
  • Reviewing the Club’s compliance with legislation and advise where shortcomings are apparent.
  • Examining the Club’s performance and facilities against best practice.

Once we have a Development and Business Plan, we will be looking to seek its approval at the AGM.

Once approved we would be looking to:

  • To establish sources of funding as required by the Plan.
  • To establish and execute an Implementation Plan


What have the Development Steering Group done so far?

On Friday 20th July 2018 we had our initial consultation / suggestions session. It was well attended with nearly 80 members and nearly 100 suggestions. Thank you.

Some suggestions have been identified as ‘quick wins’ and will soon be referred to the General Committee for consideration. We have started the detailed analysis of the rest, along with reviewing the rules, compliance with legislation and best practice with a view to building out the Development Strategy.

Who are the Development Steering Group?

We come from a variety of backgrounds and all have ‘form’ at this club or at other clubs. We are:

  • Philip Coles – Ex Dinghy Fleet captain at NDYC. General Committee Member. On the right day, capable of getting to the windward mark first and then losing the plot! Splitting time between dinghy and gaffer fleets. Qualified powerboat instructor.
  • David Graham – Past Commodore.  A keen cruising sailor.  Regards racing as a good sail spoiled but is happy to drive the safety boat and drag those who have yet to see the light out of the water.
  • Kim Baker – Competitive sailor until tired of getting wet and cold.  Now encourages all youngsters to sail.
  • Stuart Swift – Ex Dinghy Captain (prior club). Loves dinghy racing and hiking, proficient at being first around the wrong mark.
  • Jonathan Rhind – Likes boats big and small, racing and the ‘Swallows and Amazons’ adventure of Shrimpers crossing the sea and nosing up remote creeks.
  • Nigel Gale
  • Simon Cluley – 30 yrs experience in wind surfing, motor boats skiing and sailing boats. Loves all sorts of water sport, particularly sailing and power boating and anything to do with water, in it, out of it and on it.
  • Barry Vincent – Club Secretary, sails a Cornish Shrimper and runs a small chandlery where he makes up ropes and wire shrouds for you when they break.


What about my opinion?

Evolution never stops. We want your opinions and suggestions – even the constructive ones. We have setup a dedicated comments and suggestions form on our website (click here: https://ndyc.org/about/club-development-2/).

Spoiler alert! As a group we are just getting started. We won’t have all the answers to hand and in all likelihood a lot of your feedback will be researched and discussed. For this reason it will initially take a while to get back to you. It is important you receive coherent and consistent messages from us.


How do I keep updated?

Keep an eye on the Club Development section of our site here https://ndyc.org/about/club-development-2/).

Notifications of updates will be posted to the club’s Facebook group and periodically in the NDYC newsletter.

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