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North Devon Yacht Club is recognized by the Royal Yachting Association as a training establishment. We are inspected each year to ensure our standards are up to those specified by the RYA; these standards include the quality, experience and qualifications of our instructors, the standard of boats we use for instruction and how our safety boats are equipped and maintained.

Our Instructors are either RYA Power Boat Instructors, RYA Dinghy Instructors or RYA Assistant Instructors. Dinghy Instructors all hold a valid First Aid Certificate as do many of our other support staff. Our safety boat drivers are all experienced and qualified.

Our RYA courses are run to the guidelines specified by the RYA; this includes the instructor pupil ratio, the number of safety boats to number of sailing boats and the content of the course. Attending one of our RYA courses does not guarantee that a certific ate for that course level will automatically be issued at the end of the week. It is important that we only issue certificates to those cadets who have reached the required standard to pass the course. This is particularly relevant as they progress to the more advanced courses. There is a big step from Stage 2 to Stage 3, and between Stage 3 and Stage 4. Completing Stage 2 during a week in the summer and then expecting to pass Stage 3 after one weeks training the following summer will not happen, the cadets need to practice and consolidate their skills, this is why the club boats are available for them to use during racing times throughout the year.

The RYA provides us with strict guidelines on how children should be treated and the measures we as a club should take to ensure their safety and protection. A copy of the Club Child Protection Policy is available for viewing in the club.