The Club has a range of boats which are available for members to use including:

  • Fever x 6
  • Laser x 3
  • Picos x 10
  • Dart 15 x 1
  • Dart 18 x 1

Please inform the OOD what your intentions are either racing or fun sailing and the general area you will be so safety boat cover can be arranged.

We ask for a damage deposit for the boats which is held by the club secretary of £50.

Qualifications relating to the use of club boas for Adults are:

  • Adult L1: Crew only on club boats – or helm with approved helm as crew.
  • Adult L2: Pico helm or crew on any club boat.
  • Adult L3: Pico, Laser, Feva or Bahia helm (on approved helm list – this should specify the restrictions, if any.
  • Cats only with the permission of the Fleet Captain.

Qualifications relating to the use of club boas for Cadets are:

  • RYA Stage 1  Crew Pico or helm with approved helm crew.
  • RYA Stage 2  Pico helm (on approved helm list).
  • RYA Stage 3  Laser or Feva helm (on approved helm list).
  • RYA Stage 4 Laser, Feva or Bahia helm (on approved helm list).
  • In all cases Cadet use is ONLY when a club rescue boat is afloat and with confirmation from the OOD.

Rules governing the use of club boats can be found here:   Use of Club Boats

To book a club boat please email the Rear Commodore with your details.

Here is a list of Cadets & Members who are authorised to use the club boats:

  1. Nigel Gale        RYA Level 2
  2. Steve Well       RYA Level 2
  3. Stan Pyle          Experienced dinghy sailor
  4. Mark Nesbitt   RYA Level 3
  5. Austin Connor RYA Level 3
  6. Stephen Jarvis RYA Level 3
  7. Caspian Merlin  RYA Level 4
  8. Scott Hazzledine RYA Level 3
  9. Martin Robson  RYA Level 3
  10. Carl Fry   RYA Level 3
  11. Dave Temperley  RYA Level 2
  12. Joe Mellows  RYA Level 3
  13. Simon Champion  RYA Level 3
  14. John Perry  RYA Level 3
  15. Sophie Temple RYA Level 4
  16. Eamonn Kerr  RYA Level 3
  17. Nick Stratton RYA Level 2
  18. Molly Steinlechner  RYA Stage 3
  19. Ewan Steinlechner  RYA Stage 1
  20. Andrew Steinlechner  RYA Stage 1
  21. Colin Steinlechner  RYA Level 2  Experienced dinghy sailor
  22. Jake Gray  RYA Level 4
  23. Alec Gray RYA Level 4
  24. Molly Hawkins RYA Level 4
  25. Celia Braund RYA Level 2
  26. Katie Cross RYA Level 3
  27. Andy Mellors RYA Level 2
  28. Michael Harris RYA Level 3
  29. Heather Harris RYA Level 2
  30. Florence Brend RYA Stage 2
  31. William Brend RYA Stage 2
  32. Jeremy Pilcher   Dinghy Instructor
  33. Jonathan Kiff  RYA Level 3
  34. Ben Heaton Experienced dinghy sailor
  35. Rodney England Experienced dinghy sailor

If you would like to apply to be added to the list please fill out the form below: