Racing Summer 2021

Sunday racing (as per handbook)

This summer there will be a new Sunday series running from 18th April to 17th October. The Sunday series will have 2 races per day and generally run from the Committee boat for Cats and Dinghies. The Gaffer fleet will have a single longer race starting from the club line.

The programme:

Sunday Series for Cats/Monohulls/Gaffers

Sunday 18 April 0900

Sunday 2 May 0900

Sunday 9 May 1615

Sunday 23 May 1500

Monday 31 May 0900

Sunday 6 June 1500

Sunday 4 July 1300 (Bideford Water Festival)

Sunday 29 Aug 0915

Sunday 5 Sept 1615

Sunday19 Sept 1630

Sunday 17 Oct 1530

Cup racing:

Cup racing – there are 3 dates plus a spare where we will chose the best weather to get the longer cup events – this plan should give us a better chance of running events such as Bell Buoy. The Cup Days will be set for Bell Buoy, Estuary Race, and Middle Ridge Race

Monday 3 May 1015 Cup 1

Saturday 3 July 1200 Cup 2

Sunday 12 Sept 0900 Cup 3

Sunday 31 Oct 1230 Spare Cup day

In addition the following special Cup days for the following Events:

Sunday 4 July 1300 Bideford Cup (slso part of Sunday series)

Sunday 11 July Clovelly Cup

Sunday 15 Aug 1015 Fremington Cup (part of Open Week)

Monday 16 Aug 1100 Community Cup (part of Open Week)

Saturday 4th Sept 1545 Barts Bash (also Saturday Series)

Premium Events:

The following Premium events will run for ALL fleets:

Open Week

Major family / open event running Sunday 15th August to Sat 21st Aug include cup events plus a 4 day regatta with 3 races per day for Cats and Monohulls and a 6 day, 6 race regatta for Gaffers.

NDYC Regatta:

A 4 day regatta run over 2 weekends. Includes the Harding Cup for Redwings on the first weekend only. 3 races per day over 4 days for cats and monos and 4 longer races (12 per day for Gaffers

17/18 July 1015

31 July / 1 Aug 1015

Other Racing over the summer

Saturday Racing for Mono and Cats

Personal Handicap racing for Cat and Mono Fleet although Gaffers are invited interested. Racing will be generally 1 race per day with club line starts. Racing as per handbook with a series of 14 races

Evening racing

Evening races including some evening weekends. A series of 8 races that may start from club line or Puffin

Pursuit races

There will be 3 programmed Pursuit races including a main event during Open week, and the Wrecker Open in October / November (TBC)

Training, youth events

There are perioding fleet training days scheduled (see handbook and facebook publicity) to encourage those less experience to practice race skills. Also this year sees the return of CADET WEEKS and PELICAN WEEK

Open events

This year we will host the D18 fleet GP 2 and the SW area Championships on june19/20. Open week is open to Visitors so please encourage your fleets – running from 15-21 Aug

We have a single handed Open programmed as a 1 or 2 day event scheduled for 30/31 October.

Generally all the above are as per Handbook Programme and represents one of our most ambitious racing programmes. Please also follow NDYC Facebook page for regular updates on whats on. We are looking forward to a great season. See you all on the water