Laser Fleet at NDYC

The Laser fleet is the largest monohull fleet at NDYC where we race standard rig, radial and 4.7 rig all together on handicap.  Along with the Blaze fleet and other monohulls we race both on personal handicap races on Saturdays, and standard handicap as well as fleet racing on Sundays and as well as special events at NDYC.

Lasers are easy to sail but challenging to sail fast.  Simple to rig and easily managed ashore and afloat by all ages.  Youth sailors are encouraged in the fleet with training and race tips always available.  Boats are readily available for a few hundred pounds and we can help you find the best boats for your price range but you can be competitive for as little as £500.  My boat 160667 is about 20 years old and wins.  You need a decent sail (replica sails are accepted for club racing) and some enthusiasm.

The club owns 3 Lasers with Radial and 4.7 rigs used in formal training but also available for club racing.

If you are keen to get afloat we will help you in a Laser.  Come and join us or get in touch with Jon Miles (Laser 1606677 or 67) at the club or email Jon on, or via the sailing club facebook pages and messenger.