Monohull Fleets, Handicap groups 1, 2 (H/C 1 and H/C 2) and Laser Fleet.

Monohull Racing

Laser 4000
Course Markers Apart from some special events all starts/finishes are from/to one of two fixed lines (Inner Home and Outer Home) determined by the alignment of the black triangles on the control-tower and marked at their outer ends by yellow can buoys. Courses are set around a series of Club fixed/temporary yellow buoys and estuary navigation marks.

H/C 1, H/C 2 and Laser start times: Currently all three fleets will start together and sail their particular course as set by the OOD.

Pre-race essentials

  1. Minimum third party insurance (your boat should not be on Club property without it) endorsed for racing.
  2. Sign on  Fill-in the details requested on the form to found at the back of the changing-room entrance or you will not be considered to have entered! 
  3. Note your course From the board on the left-hand wall carefully note your particular class course.  
  4. Fitness to raceYour safety, that of your crew and your boats ability to adequately meet the conditions that may prevail whilst racing, are entirely your responsibility; if you are totally satisfied with these provisions then,
  5. GO RACING !