The Gaffer fleet has a range of boats including Cornish Shrimpers, Tela’s and a number of Drascombe Luggers, plus other Gaffer’s that make up our friendly fleet.

We welcome old & new members for both racing in the Sunday Series and Mid Week Series of races and pleasure sailing through the week.

If you would like further information please contact:

Denis Ford, Fleet Captain.
Cornish Shrimper “Cream Tea”

Tel 01237 475789

Racing Details

Identification Sail numbers are required and the racing and the  “R” Flag to be visible at the 10 minute signal.

The Gaffer race will start each Sunday at the stated time in the NDYC yearbook.

You are requested to sign on in the changing room area prior to going afloat and to take note of the course.

Please ensure you have the correct racing insurance to enter.