Fast Catamarans

The Fast Catamaran fleet at NDYC consists of number of Dart 18s, Hurricane, Nacra 15 and an “A” Class.

The Fast Catamaran fleet captain is Fraser Manning (, who sails a Dart 18.

There is a Club Dart 18 that can be borrowed by experienced members or for a trial. A request to Fraser or via the NDYC Secretary is essential to borrow the club Dart 18.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for the fast cat fleet or to promote sailing at our club please don’t hesitate to contact me or any member of the committee.

Sprint 15 Catamaran Fleet

The Boat. Formally known as “Dart 15” We sail it Sport mode, that is single handed, main and jib sails, with trapeze. This cat has been sailed at Instow for a number of years because it is well suited to the conditions. A shallow draft with no dagger boards, the boat can sail up the rivers without running aground yet handles extremely well in estuary races, hence the large fleet.

The boat is equally suited to a wide range of crew weights and sizes. Club racing results show that from teenagers to pensioners, women and men, lightweights to heavyweights all are very competitive…every dog has their day in this fleet!

The Class is the principal single design class at NDYC so we enjoy non handicap racing, first over the line is the winner. There are good class turnouts for racing with a wide range of catamaran sailing experience from novice to old hands. New members to the fleet find that they are made welcome with help and encouragement from the rest of the sailors, well until they start to win too much. We have social events through the year to involve partners and have fun.

Club Sprint 15:

This has been purchased to enable suitably qualified Cadets or other club members to transition into the Cat Fleet. It may be sailed 2 up with a helm and crew or single handed. It can also be sailed in Sport mode, as a singlehander trapezing. A request to Liam or via the NDYC Secretary is essential to borrow the club 15.

If your looking for a ’15 to purchase or to find out more about the fleet, contact Fleet Captain, Liam Bunclark. We will be happy to help you.

contact Liam via email or 07977 560560

Also, visit the Sprint 15 Association web site for lots of information about the boat and boats for sale.