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Yoga "Vinyasa Flow"       McMillan cancer coffee morning BBQ & live music (Jules & Sam) Sunday lunch with Caroline
HW 2:24am 5.3m
HW 3:11pm 5.8m
HW 3:54am 5.9m
HW 4:22pm 6.6m
HW 4:55am 6.7m
HW 5:16pm 7.4m
HW 5:43am 7.4m
HW 6:02pm 8.1m
HW 6:26am 7.9m
HW 6:45pm 8.5m
HW 7:06am 8.2m
HW 7:26pm 8.6m
HW 7:45am 8.2m
HW 8:06pm 8.4m
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Yoga "Vinyasa Flow"         Adult FOS : FOS 11 Just Sail : Just Sail 8
          2023 Saturday Series : Saturday 17 Start 11:00 Youth Squad 8
            Galley Team Lunch
            Summer Series : Summer 13 start 12:30
HW 8:24am 8.0m
HW 8:44pm 8.0m
HW 9:01am 7.6m
HW 9:22pm 7.4m
HW 9:37am 7.0m
HW 10:02pm 6.7m
HW 10:17am 6.4m
HW 10:44pm 5.9m
HW 11:03am 5.7m
HW 11:38pm 5.2m
HW 12:11pm 5.2m
HW 1:08am 4.7m
HW 2:02pm 5.0m
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Yoga "Vinyasa Flow"     Clean Maritime Innovation Center Meeting at NDYC Hugh Wormington party Adult FOS 12 Sunday lunch with Caroline
          2023 Saturday Series : Saturday 17 Start 16:30  
HW 3:00am 4.9m
HW 3:33pm 5.4m
HW 4:08am 5.4m
HW 4:27pm 6.0m
HW 4:51am 6.0m
HW 5:06pm 6.5m
HW 5:26am 6.5m
HW 5:40pm 7.0m
HW 5:58am 6.9m
HW 6:11pm 7.3m
HW 6:27am 7.2m
HW 6:40pm 7.5m
HW 6:57am 7.4m
HW 7:10pm 7.6m
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Yoga "Vinyasa Flow"   General Committee Meeting   RNLI Art Show
          2023 Saturday Series : Saturday 18 Start 09:00 Consolation Cup
HW 7:26am 7.5m
HW 7:40pm 7.5m
HW 7:57am 7.5m
HW 8:11pm 7.4m
HW 8:28am 7.3m
HW 8:44pm 7.2m
HW 9:03am 7.0m
HW 9:21pm 6.8m
HW 9:42am 6.6m
HW 10:05pm 6.2m
HW 10:32am 6.1m
HW 11:05pm 5.7m
HW 11:46am 5.7m
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Adult FOS 13 Youth Squad Half Term party   Bideford Rotary RNLI Fish Supper Boat Park working party
Yoga "Vinyasa Flow"            
HW 12:34am 5.3m
HW 1:25pm 5.6m
HW 2:17am 5.4m
HW 2:55pm 6.1m
HW 3:37am 6.1m
HW 4:00pm 6.8m
HW 4:33am 6.8m
HW 4:53pm 7.4m
HW 5:20am 7.4m
HW 5:38pm 7.9m
HW 6:02am 7.8m
HW 6:21pm 8.2m
HW 5:41am 8.0m
HW 6:01pm 8.2m
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Yoga "Vinyasa Flow"         Winter Racing : Winter 1 09:00 Winter Racing : Winter 2 09:30
          Spanish themed Quiz and Supper Galley Team Lunch
HW 6:20am 8.0m
HW 6:40pm 8.0m
HW 6:57am 7.8m
HW 7:18pm 7.6m
HW 7:33am 7.4m
HW 7:57pm 7.1m
HW 8:11am 7.0m
HW 8:35pm 6.5m
HW 8:51am 6.4m
HW 9:17pm 5.9m
HW 9:36am 5.9m
HW 10:09pm 5.3m
HW 10:38am 5.4m
HW 11:23pm 4.9m
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