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Development Steering Group – Winter Blog

Dear Members,

It is still raining. So time to boot up the computer and think positively!

Your new Committee has been in place for three months now. With the sailing season just around the corner it is timely to update you as to the progress that the Development Steering Group have been making.

Slipway Upgrade

Since my last update, this has created much debate at Committee. As a dinghy sailor I am keen to see a comprehensive repair, if the Club can afford it, as all of us who use the slip will benefit. It is not without its challenges however we are hoping to present quotes to the March Committee Meeting for consideration and approval.

Environmental Boat Wash

We are seeking other quotes for this, in an effort to reduce costs. Subject to the availability of grant, there maybe a green, clean commercial opportunity here for the Club, perhaps working with Instow Marine at modest cost to Members.

Old Coastguard Garage

The Committee has approved a plan to upgrade this space to provide a more usable training facility. One large but sub-divisible room is proposed. When not required for training, it is intended that the garage could still be used for boat maintenance / storage. The principle of some grant funding from North Devon District Council has been approved subject to our providing quotes.

Clubhouse Development

Your Committee has agreed that the Club needs to be looking both to the long term future and managing our existing property. Approval has therefore been given to our bringing forward deliverable plans for a new and larger Clubhouse that will serve the needs of future generations of sailors.

We would hope that this would deliver:

  1. Improved modern facilities.

  2. More space for changing, training, storage and social activities.

  3. Maximise site utilisation for car and boat parking.

This is a long term project. However, we will now work to put a business plan together; bring forward plans for Member consultation, ultimately with a view to applying to the relevant authorities for planning approval.

Going Forward

On the Agenda are planned meetings with the new RYA Regional Development Officer, our landlords the Tapeley Estate and North Devon District Council.

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